Updated: 2023.03.16

  • Applicable products: SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam, SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam 2K(3MP)
  • SwitchBot App version: 6.24 or newer
  • Device firmware version:
    • SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam: 1.0.2 or newer.
    • SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam 2K: V33.9.14 or newer.

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App version is up to date.

2. Make sure the camera is powered on.

3. Reset the Pan/Tilt Cam and see if it helps. Use a pin to click on the reset button near charging port for 5 seconds to do the hardware reset.

If the problem still persists, please feel free to let us know. We'll find you the best solution for you.


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  • zerovalz

    Non funziona nonostante il ripristino luce sempre rossa e lampeggiante


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