Updated: 2022/12/09

  • Applicable products: Curtain U Rail, Curtain I Rail, Curtain Rod
  • SwitchBot App version: V6.19.1 or newer

1. Make sure you have the latest SwitchBot app to get bugs fixed.

2. Please restart the Bluetooth function of your smartphone. Android 12 or earlier smartphones need to allow location information.

3. Press and hold the button on Curtain for 45 seconds. to perform a hardware reset. Pay attention to the following points during reset:

  • In the first 15 seconds, the indicator light will be blinking.
  • Then it will stay on for 10 seconds. When you have pressed for 25 seconds, the indicator light will start to blink again, then it will go off.
  • After 45 seconds, release your finger.
  • The indicator will be on for 1 second. Then the SwitchBot Curtain has been reset in the hardware.

4. After the reset, Please re-add the Curtain to your account.

5. Retry adding Curtain to your account via another mobile devices if you have one.

6. If it still doesn't work, please contact us via SwitchBot App → Profile → Feedback.
Please provide the following information when contacting us.

  • Power on the SwitchBot Curtain with cable.
  • Long-press the button on the SwitchBot Curtain for 45 seconds And we will make a further analysis of it.



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