Last Updated: 2023 Sep 15

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  • SwitchBot App Version:V7.6 or newer

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the SwitchBot App.

2. Make sure the SwitchBot Curtain has been added to the SwitchBot App. And please make sure that the firmware version of the Curtain is the latest version.
If it is not V6.0 or later, please contact us by signing in to the SwitchBot App -> Profile -> Feedback.

3. Please contact us by signing into the SwitchBot App → Profile → Feedback so that we can apply for you a special hook wheel for your Curtain.

*Please provide us with the following information when you contact us.

  • Shipping address information(Recipient & phone number & address & zip code are necessary.)
  • How many U-rail Curtains do you have
  • Curtain order receipt or an order screenshot
  • Photo of your curtain rail




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