Last Updated: 2023 September 15

  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.5 or newer

1. For newly created accounts in the SwitchBot app, please log in directly with your email address/username and password. 

2. If you have an external (Apple, Amazon, Google) account, please sign in directly with "Log in with external account". You have the right to add, access, and control the SwitchBot products and devices associated with you.

* If you cannot log in with an external account, please contact our customer service team at with your account.

3. If you have changed your password or forgotten your passcode, please refer to the related post.

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4. When entering email login information in the SwitchBot App, if you enter an email address that does not meet the conditions, you may receive an "Email Format Error" message. To enter a valid email address when signing up, see the tips below.

The length of the email address used to register the SwitchBot App is not limited and can be English (including uppercase and lowercase), numbers, dots, underscores, and minus signs. The first character must be a letter or number.
Only letters, numbers, and symbols must be entered before "@", such as "_" and "-"
"@" must always be followed by "@a.b". A or B must be alphanumeric
Example: The following email name meets the email requirements for SwitchBot App registration:
Reference: None of the following email names meet the email requirements for SwitchBot App registration:
  • user*
The first start is not a letter or number, or an unsupported special character is used.
If the email address you entered doesn't meet the criteria, we recommend that you change to another email address that meets the registration format criteria.



  • Brenda redshaw

    How to change email address

  • fstickel

    Whatever happened to this app? No longer works.

  • Tb47547

    When trying ti enter my email address for Alert Notifications, I keep getting an "invalid email address". My email address is I've been using it for years on everything else


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