• Change your SwitchBot account
  • Delete the SwitchBot account


If you would like to change your SwitchBot account(email address), here are a few things you may pay attention to. 

1. Once deleted the old account cannot be recovered. 

2. Data from a third-party service provider cannot be transferred to the new account. 

3. To transfer data from the old account, you may have to sign up for a new account in the SwitchBot App. 


You can submit a feedback ticket on the profile page of the SwitchBot App.

And kindly refer to the form below to fill in the details.

Upon receiving the request ticket, our support team will follow up accordingly. 

  • Feedback title: Request to change my account
  • Content:

   Old account: 

   New account: 

To delete the account?

If you no longer need the SwitchBot account and wish to delete it, please contact us at support@switch-bot.com. Or you may submit a feedback ticket on SwitchBot App and our support team will assist you furthermore. 




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