Now we can log in to the SwitchBot App via a third-party account like Apple ID, Google account, or Amazon account. You may refer to the Part B area in the attached picture below. 


But here are a few things we should pay attention to. 

1- On the Sign in/Sign up page, please choose Apple, Google, or Amazon on Part B, "Sign in by a third-party account".

2- If the email address is linked by a third-party platform in the first place, this email address can only be logged in on Part B instead of Part A

3- Password is not required if we choose to sign in by a third-party account. Also, we cannot change the password on the SwitchBot App.

4- When we sign in by a third-party account, the relevant email address cannot be used to sign up and sign in on Part A.

5- When we use a Google email to sign up for a SwitchBot account, then we cannot sign in by Google on Part B. Also, if this Google email has been used to sign up for an Apple ID or Amazon account, then we cannot sign in by Apple or Amazon on Part B either.

6- When we intend to integrate SwitchBot with a third-party platform like Google Home, Alexa, or IFTTT, please choose the corresponding login section. 

If we have signed in by a third party account on Part B, we can only choose the relevant Part B to log in or the integration will fail. This is the same as when we signed up for a SwitchBot account on Part A in the first place.





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