1. Check the status of your smartphone's network, Bluetooth and Location Service. Please turn on your smartphone's network, and make sure that both Bluetooth and Location Service have been authorized for the SwitchBot App on your cellphone. Only when those two options are enabled can the SwitchBot Curtain be detected.

2. If you have a SwitchBot Hub Mini/Plus, check the Hub Mini/Plus network status. If the Hub Mini/Plus is offline, make sure it is online.

3. If the Curtain is out of the control range of your smartphone or the Hub Mini/Plus, bring your smartphone or the Hub Mini/Plus closer to the Curtain and operate again.

4. Try to do a hardware reset for the SwitchBot Curtain.

long-press the button for 45 seconds to do the hardware reset. In the first 15 seconds, the indicator light will be blinking. Then it will stay on for 10 seconds. When you have pressed for 25 seconds, the indicator light will start to blink again, then it will go off. After 45 seconds, please release your finger. The indicator light will be on for 1 second. Then the SwitchBot Curtain has been reset in the hardware. Please reconnect it to your account to see if the issue is alleviated. 

You may refer to the instruction video via the link below: 




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