There are two ways you can create an account: 

  • Directly in the SwitchBot App
  • From an external platform like Alexa, Google Home. 


SwitchBot account in the App

  1. Download and install SwitchBot App from the App store.

  2. Tap the Profile page and tap the Sign-in button. 

  3. Tap Sign up. 

  4. Please enter your email address or user name and your password. Tick the option of "I agree to the Privacy Policy and Term of Use."

  5. Tap Sign up. A verification code will be sent to the email address you just filled in.

  6. Enter Verification Code and OK. There you have it~!

Now please try to sign in to the SwitchBot App with your new account. 

External account

On the log-in page, please tap the Google or Apple icon below the line of

"sign-in by a third-party account."



Here's how to take a screen recording from the SwitchBot App.






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