Last Updated: 2022 Sep 10

  • Related Products: SwitchBot Meter, SwitchBot Meter Plus
  • SwitchBot App version: 6.16 or newer
  • Firmware version: V2.7 or newer for SwitchBot  Meter, V0.6 or newer for SwitchBot Meter Plus

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App version is up to date.

2. Make sure that the SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus has been added to the SwitchBot app and your firmware version is up to date.
If the device's firmware version is not the latest, please contact us for an upgrade by navigating to Profile -> Feedback via our App.

3. Make sure your SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus battery is charged to 50% or more.

4. If the SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus has Cloud Services turned on, make sure that it is connected to a SwitchBot Hub Mini or SwitchBot Ceiling Light and that all devices use the latest firmware. If not, please contact us for a firmware upgrade via Profile -> Feedback.

5. Place your SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus closer to your SwitchBot Hub Mini or SwitchBot Ceiling Light.

6. Reset Cloud Services for your device by turning Cloud Services off and then on again.

7. If you are only using your device when within Bluetooth range, please restart your smartphone's Bluetooth function and try to reconnect your SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus again when within Bluetooth range.

8. Remove and insert the batteries of your SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus.

9. You can also try to reset your device by holding down the main button on the unit for 15 seconds. (Please note that this will erase any data stored inside).

10. If the problem persists, please submit a feedback ticket regarding your connection issue via our App.

You can do so by opening our App > Tap Profile > select Feedback > Choose the product you need support for > Describe your issue in detail (with attachments if needed).
If the SwitchBot Meter (Plus) is used with the SwitchBot Hub Mini or SwitchBot Ceiling Light please try to provide:

  • The distance between your SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus, and your SwitchBot  Hub Mini or SwitchBot  Ceiling Light
  • Photographs showing the distance between your Meter/Meter Plus, and your Hub Mini or Ceiling Light if Meter/Meter Plus is only used within Bluetooth range
  • A screenshot recording that shows the connection issue



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