Updated: Mar 20th, 2023
  • Applicable Products: Hub2


Before starting the Matter setup on Hub 2, you will need the following:
  • Hub 2
  • Android Phone
  • Google Nest Hub
  • SwitchBot App (version 6.25.1 or newer)
  • SwitchBot Hub 2 Firmware (version 0.7-0.5 or newer)
  • Android 12 or newer
  • Google Nest 47.9.4 or newer
  • Google Home or newer
In SwitchBot App 6.25.1 or later, tap the "Matter Settings" item on the Hub 2 Settings screen to  update Hub 2 firmware version 0.7-0.5 automatically.
After preparing the above, make sure all devices are on a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.


Getting started using Matter.

When you're ready to get started, select the SwitchBot Hub 2 icon on our app's homepage and enter the your Hub 2 device page. Click the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner to enter and scroll down to the Matter settings option and click to enter. On the Matter page, we can choose to download the QR code image or copy its number.

Resetting your SwitchBot Hub 2.

Now, before adding Hub 2 to your Google Home app, you will need to reset Hub 2. Press and hold the On and Off buttons on SwitchBot Hub 2 for 15 seconds, and release them after hearing a drip sound. Then select Add Device in the Google Home app.


Locate Matter Settings in Google Home

Select Set up device via the Google Home Settings page, click New device, Next, and Continue.

Adding Hub 2 to Google Home.

We recommend copying the number of your device from our app. After copying, click Set up without QR code. A paste button will appear after long pressing, paste the copied number, press continue, and enter the adding process. After entering the adding process, wait a moment and Hub 2 will be added as a gateway, and the temperature and humidity sensor of Hub 2 will also be added to the Home app.

Syncing SwitchBot Curtain and Blind Tilt to Google Home.

Open the Matter page of Hub 2 on the SwitchBot app. At this moment, you can associate SwitchBot Curtain and Blind Tilt with Hub 2 and add them as sub-devices. After adding, switch to the Home app interface, and synchronization will be performed automatically. Sometimes, due to the network environment, synchronization may take some time.

Please note:

  • During the Matter beta phase, up to 6 SwitchBot Bluetooth devices can be added to the Home app.
  • Due to Google Home being unable to support humidity sensors, humidity readings will currently be unavailable through the Google Home app when using Hub 2.
  • Due to HomeKit security requirements, Hub 2 may not be added successfully to the Home app when using public Wi-Fi. It is recommended to use personal Wi-Fi.
  • Blind Tilt and Curtain products need to be calibrated in advance on the SwitchBot app as Google Home does not support this function. To make sure your devices are working correctly, please calibrate via our app first.
  • You will need a home hub to control your Hub 2 and its secondary devices via third-party smart home platforms. Remember that the home hub and your Hub 2 should be under the same Wi-Fi network.
  • To add your Hub 2 across different smart home platforms, you can simply use the sharing code or QR code found in the relevant platform you are looking to use.
  • Not all third-party smart home platforms support Matter. Please check relevant information on official websites.



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