Safety Information

• Keep your device away from heat and humidity, and make sure it does not come
into contact with fire or water.

• Do not touch or operate this product with wet hands.

• This product is a precision-based electronic product, please avoid physical damage.

• Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify the product.

• Do not use the product where wireless devices are not allowed.


• This product cannot control your Lock when it runs out the battery. Please check remaining battery via our app or the indicator on the device panel periodically, and make sure you replace the battery in time. Remember to bring a key out with you when the battery is low to prevent being locked outside.

• Refrain from using this product if an error occurs and contact SwitchBot Customer Service.


This product is not a security device and cannot prevent instances of theft from taking place. SwitchBot is not liable for any theft or similar accidents that may occur when using our products.




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