Safety Information

・ For indoor use only.

・ Please keep this device dry and away from hot, humid, and/or other extreme environments as this may cause accidents such as fire, burns, injury, electric shock and so on.

・ Never use when you are in contact with any kinds of liquid as this may cause electric current damage or erosion.

・ Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or modify this device.

・ Do not drop, step or throw the device purposefully as this may cause accidents such as fire, burns, injury, electrical shock or other dangerous circumstances.

・ Do not insert foreign objects into the device (e.g. metal pieces, pencil lead etc.) or let dust in this device.

・ Remove from the power socket if you need to clean the device or if it has not been used for a long time.


・ Do not connect electric appliances such as electric stoves or electric heaters that may cause fire, electric shock or injury when left unattended.

・ Do not connect appliances that may cause life danger in sudden operation, such as ventilators or other life-support devices.

・ Do not connect any devices that have a larger power rating.

・ Do not connect any devices that may cause harm to objects or persons when remote control failed.



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