Safety Information

Before using this product, please finish reading the safety instructions. Any operation that does not follow the steps laid out in our manual may cause serious injury or damage.

・ This product can be used and cleaned only if the user has read through this user manual and understands the hazards involved.

・ Children and pets should be supervised when device is in operation.

・ This product can only be used with the authorized adapter, power supply cord, plug, battery and charging dock. Use of any unauthorized accessories may cause the product to generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode.

・ Stop using this product if the robot or any accessory is damaged. Please contact SwitchBot Customer Service to purchase or replace. Except for designated repair technicians authorized by SwitchBot, no other person shall disassemble, repair, or modify this product.

・ Do not place objects (including children and pets) on this device at any time.

・ Only use and store this product indoors in a dry location with a temperature of 0 ℃/32 ℉ to 40 ℃/104 ℉.

・ Always disconnect the robot from the charging dock before cleaning or maintaining it.

・ Do not handle the robot or charging dock with wet hands or wipe the product with a wet cloth.

・ Do not wash your device or charging dock under running water.

・ To ensure safe operation, do not use this product in a suspended area (such as a second floor loft, open balcony, on the top of furniture, etc.) without a physical barrier present.

・ Ensure the charging dock is placed at least 1.5 meters / 4.9 feet away from stairs, other open areas and heat sources (such as heaters).

・Do not short-circuit the battery by allowing metal objects to contact battery terminals or become immersed in liquid. Do not subject batteries to mechanical shock.


・ This product is used for floor cleaning in a home environment. Do not use it in outdoor, non-grounded, commercial, or industrial environments.

・ Before using this product, make sure there are no cords present that may obstruct it.

・ Remove fragile or valuable objects (such as vases) on the floor to prevent the robot from damaging them.

・ Place the small cleaning tool in an area out of reach of children.

・ Do not let hair, fingers or any other body parts near the dust suction port when in operation.

・ Do not use this product to clean sharp objects (such as decoration debris, glass, or iron nails).

・ Do not use this product to clean burning or smoking objects (such as cigarette butts).



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