Most traditional humidifiers would stop working when they reach the preset humidity level. But SwitchBot Humidifier will keep working even when it reaches the preset humidity level.

We designed it this way in order to make the environment always stay a comfortable humidity level. The humidifier will automatically adjust the fan while reaching the preset humidity level and keep the whole room ±5% than the preset humidity level.

For example, if you preset the humidity at 55% and the environment humidity is around 1%-50%, the humidifier will turn the fan to the strong mode and humid the environment fast. After the sensor detects the humidity is 55%±5%, the humidifier turns the fan to the middle mode. When the humidity over 60% (55%+5%), the humidifier turns the fan to lowerest mode and keep the humidity near 55%.

Kindly note that the preset of the SwitchBot Humidifier for Auto mode is 55%. If you need to stop the humidifier once it reaches the desired humidity. Please kindly use it with the SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini and the scene feature.



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