After linking your SwitchBot account to Google Assistant, with a voice command, you can control the appliances that you had already added to SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini.


For air conditioners:

  • "Ok Google,Turn on/off <AC name>"
  • "Ok Google,Make <AC name> warmer/cooler"
  • "Ok Google, Raise/lower the temp"
  • "Ok Google, Set the temperature to 22℃"
  • "Ok Google, Turn on the heat/cooling"
  • "Ok Google, Set the thermostat to cooling/heating"
  • "Ok Google, Turn the thermostat to heat-cool mode"

* The air conditioner remote added with the customize mode only support the on/off command.

For television:

  • "Ok Google, turn on/off <tv name>"

 For fans:

  • "Ok Google, Turn on/off xx "
  • "Ok Google,set xx to Speed1/low/high/medium"
  • "Ok Google, Turn on the swing for xx"
  • "Ok Google, set xx to Strong wind/Light wind"

 For lights:

  • "Ok Google,Turn on <light name>"
  • "Ok Google,Dim the <light name>"
  • "Ok Google,Brighten the <light name>"
  • "Ok Google,Turn on/off lights in <room name>"
  • "Ok Google, Turn on/off all of the lights"

For appliances added in "Others":

The Others appliances could use the Scene feature or IFTTT app to achieve voice control. 


*If you have any questions or concerns about our devices, please kindly send feedback via the SwitchBot App. We will check it as soon as possible.



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