Last Updated: 2023 Oct 17
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  •  Press and hold where nothing is displayed on the iPhone/iPad home screen, and when the app icon begins to shake, release your finger.
  • A "+" symbol will appear in the upper left corner of the home screen, or possibly in the upper right corner if you have a low iOS version.
  • Enter SwitchBot in the widget search field.
  • Swipe left on the list of temperature/hygrometer-specific widgets that come up, select your favorite display size under Hub 2, and tap "Add Widget".
  • Tap "Done."


1. Long press on the Hub 2 widget -> Edit Widget to change to other Hub 2 temperature/humidity data and display it, but it is not possible to change to Meter/Meter Plus/Outdoor Meter.

2. If you do not select Hub 2 on the widget list screen, the temperature/humidity data of Hub 2 will not be displayed.

Please refer to Apple Support for detailed instructions on how to add a widget.


Sorry, we are unable to provide detailed instructions on how to add a widget for Android phones because the method of adding a widget for Android phones depends on the Android phone model.

When adding the temperature and humidity widget of Hub 2, please choose Hub 2, do not choose Meter/Meter Plus/Outdoor Meter.



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