1. Turn on the “Others” appliance with Button Widget


•Open the IFTTT app and tap Get more.

•Slide down and find Create your own

•Tap “this” and search “Button Widget”

•Tap “Button press”




2. Add SwitchBot Applet


•Tap “that” and search “SwitchBot”

•Slide down and tap “Control home appliance”

•Choose the appliance and tap “Create action”


3. Edit your button


•Tap “Edit title” to name the button as you like and you could choose whether to receive the notification of it.


4. Add a widget


• Add an IFTTT widget to your phone and choose the appliance.




New actions had been added to Control TV now: “mute”, “volume up”, “volume down”, “channel up”, “channel down”, “source”, “back” and “ok”.



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