Updated: Dec 27th, 2022

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Indoor Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam, Pan/Tilt Cam(2K/3MP), Outdoor Spotlight Cam
When the capacity of your SD card is used up, recordings are automatically overwritten and deleted using earlier stored data.
Here's a chart showing some of the supported SD cards that our cameras use, and their maximum storage capacity.
Model Supported SD card capacity Supported SD card standards Continuous recording support Recommended SD card
indoor camera 8G-128G FAT32 Supported SanDisk Sandisk
Samsung Samsung
Kioxia Kioxia
monitoring camera 8G-128G FAT32 Supported
Monitoring camera 3MP 8g-256g FAT32 / exFAT (supported by Firmware 33.9.13) Supported
outdoor camera 8g-256g FAT32 / exFAT (supported by Firmware 2.1.13) Not supported
  • In continuous recording mode, SwitchBot Indoor Cam and Pan/Tilt Cam use about 10GB of storage per day. A 128GB SD card can record continuously for about 12 days. SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam 2K uses about 5GB of capacity per day, a 128GB SD card can record continuously for approximately 24 days.



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