Last Updated: 2024 May 8

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1. For security reasons, a SwitchBot Lock can only be registered to one account at a time. Additionally, the SwitchBot Lock does not have a reset button on the device itself. If you wish to reset or pair your SwitchBot Lock with another account, you must first delete it from the original assigned SwitchBot account before pairing it again.

2. To remove the SwitchBot Lock from your account, long press the Lock on the home screen and then tap the delete button in the lower corner of the SwitchBot App.

3. Set your SwitchBot Lock to pairing mode.

  • Open the battery case cover and remove the batteries.
  • Insert the batteries again and your SwitchBot Lock will emit a sound. 
  • Your device's indicator light will turn blue and start to blink.
  • Your SwitchBot Lock will now be in pairing mode.


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  • gavinhaslemore

    I've tried this, but it says the app says that the lock is still paired and won't pair again


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