This is an agreement between you and SwitchBot Company (with its affiliates, "SwitchBot" or "we"). Before using SwitchBot, please read these SwitchBot Terms of Use, including the SwitchBot Privacy Notice and the other applicable rules, policies, and terms posted on the SwitchBot website, available through your SwitchBot App, or provided with SwitchBot Enabled Products (collectively, this "Agreement"). By using SwitchBot, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, then you may not use SwitchBot.

For the purpose of these SwitchBot Terms of Use:

"SwitchBot" means SwitchBot services, which includes Third Party Services, digital content, Software, the SwitchBot App, and support and other related services.

"SwitchBot App" means the app provided by SwitchBot that provides access to SwitchBot, SwitchBot's settings, SwitchBot-related content, and other information.

"SwitchBot Interactions" means all information related to your use of SwitchBot Products, including the inputs, responses provided to you through SwitchBot, information we receive in connection with Third Party Services and Auxiliary Products you use, and information and content you provide or receive through the SwitchBot App.

"Auxiliary Product" means any product you can interact with or operate using an SwitchBot Product, including SwitchBot home devices.

"Software" means all software that we make available to you for use in connection with SwitchBot.

"Third Party Service" means any SwitchBot skill or other service or application provided by a third party that we make available to you for use on or through SwitchBot.

1. SwitchBot

1.1. SwitchBot. An SwitchBot Product and internet connection are required to access and use SwitchBot. Some SwitchBot services may not be available in all areas or on all SwitchBot Products and may require separate subscriptions.

1.2 Use of the Software. You may use the Software only on or through an Auxiliary Product, and you may only make personal and non-commercial use of SwitchBot. For additional terms that apply to the Software, see the software terms contained in the Conditions of Use and the terms contained in the Legal & Compliance section in the Help menu of your SwitchBot App.

1.3 SwitchBot Interactions. Third Parties products or apps process and retains your SwitchBot Interactions, such as your voice inputs, music playlists, and your SwitchBot to-do and shopping lists, in the cloud to provide, personalize, and improve our services. Learn more about these voice services including how to delete voice recordings associated with your account.

2. Third Party Services; Third Party Products.

2.1 Third Party Services. If you use a Third Party Service, we may exchange related information with that service, such as your ZIP code when you ask for the weather, your custom music stations, information about your Auxiliary Products, or the content of your requests. Your use of any Third Party Service is subject to this Agreement and any third party terms applicable to such Third Party Service. Certain of these third party terms can be found in the Legal Notices section of your SwitchBot App, or may be linked from your SwitchBot App, and may be updated from time to time. If you do not accept the third party terms applicable to a Third Party Service, do not use that Third Party Service. When using a Third Party Service, you are responsible for any information you provide to the third party. Amazon has no responsibility or liability for Third Party Services. Publishers of Third Party Services may change or discontinue the functionality or features of their Third Party Service.

2.2 Third Party Products. SwitchBot Enabled Products and Auxiliary Products include third party products that Amazon does not manufacture or develop. Amazon may automatically update the firmware for certain Auxiliary Products on behalf of the applicable manufacturer. Amazon has no responsibility or liability for such third party products or manufacturer-provided firmware.



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