Last Updated:2024 Feb 3

Consultation before purchasing products

Please submit your feedback through the SwitchBot App so our support staff can provide you with photos and videos. If you are in a hurry, please get in touch with us via chat. 

Confirmation of order/logistics progress

We recommend contacting us via chat, as it is the most efficient way to contact us.


Since operation logs from the SwitchBot App are required, please submit feedback from the SwitchBot App before contacting us by phone. In some cases, we will coordinate the feedback we receive from our customers with our technical team.

Chat entrance

If you head to official support page, a red "Support" will appear in the bottom right corner. Please click on it to chat.

How to submit feedback

Please log in to the SwitchBot App → Profile → Help and Feedback → Create a New Ticket. 



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