Step 1. Install SwitchBot App and sign up SwitchBot account.

(If you are a SwitchBot user already, please skip this step.)

Launch the App and tap "Sign in"on the left side menu.


Step 2. Authorize the Bluetooth and location services on your phone. 

Then tap "Add Device" in the App, choose "Hub Mini".


Step 3. Press and hold the button on top of Hub Mini until the indicator flashes and then tap "next." And input SSID and password. (note: 5G Wi-Fi is not supported for now). You can change the device name at the same step.


Tap "OK" after you set up the Wi-Fi. Now you can see your SwitchBot Hub Mini on the App's homepage. Enjoy!  



  • If you need to change your Wi-Fi SSID, please tap the gear icon of the Hub Mini and edit it in advanced settings.
  • Please link the Hub Mini to a 5V*1A USB adapter before use.



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