Last Updated:2024 Jan 05

  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.10 or newer

1. The Geofencing(Beta) Feature utilizes a geofence—an area defined by virtual boundaries. This system employs GPS location data to ascertain when a user enters or exits the predetermined geo-fenced zone.

2. In the SwitchBot App, the Geofencing (Beta) feature is also referred to as "When I Arrive (Beta)" and ‘’When I Leave (Beta)".

3. "When I Arrive (Beta)" and "When I Leave (Beta)" can be set as conditions/preconditions for Automation. It is recommended to set the radius length to at least 200 meters (0.2 KM) when setting up.

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4. We will guide you through Automation that makes use of the Geofencing (Beta) feature.

Automation 1
Name: I'm Home
When: When I arrive
Then: Turn on the air conditioner heating + turn on the lights

Automation 2
Name: Leaving Home
When: When I leave
Then: Turn off the air conditioner + turn off the lights

Automation 3
Name: TV On
When: Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 AM

Add condition: When I'm home
Then: Turn on the TV

Automation 4
Name: Close All SwitchBot Curtains
When: Sunset
Add condition: When I'm not home
Then: Close all SwitchBot Curtains

5. The triggers for Automation set for "When I Arrive (Beta)" and "When I Leave (Beta)" features require the movement of the configured smartphone (inside the geofence to outside/ outside to inside). If you use multiple smartphones, the automation can only be triggered by the movement of the smartphone on which the automation was created. If needed, you can edit the automation again on the target smartphone to enable triggering.

6. To use the "When I Arrive (Beta)" and "When I Leave (Beta)" features, you need to always allow access to the smartphone's location information (there may be a possibility of faster battery consumption). Also, please ensure that the Wi-Fi on your smartphone remains enabled in the settings at all times.

7. Automation set for "When I Arrive (Beta)" and "When I Leave (Beta)" features will not be triggered by the movements of home members. Only the movements of the owner are considered.

8. At the moment, the "When I Arrive (Beta)" and "When I Leave (Beta)" features are available as a beta version and may have some instability in their operation. Please understand this.

9. If you have any questions, please contact us via SwitchBot App > Profile > Help & Feedback >Feedback.




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