Last Updated: 2023 Nov 9

  • SwitchBot App Version: 7.8 or newer

1. Create a scene with the SwitchBot App.

  • Launch SwitchBot App
  • Tap "+" on the top right of the home screen
  • Tap "Add scene"
  • Enter scene name
  • Add action
  • Save

2. Please link the SwitchBot App and the IFTTT App.


3. Link the scene with the IFTTT App.

  • Launch IFTTT App
  • Tap "Create"
  • If This Tap "Add"
  • Tap "Select Service" and select the service you want to use. Examples: Alexa, Google Assistant, Button press, etc. (Here, I will continue using "Button press" as an example) Select Button press to complete setting the conditions.
  • Then That Tap "Add"
  • Search for SwitchBot on the “Select Service” screen
  • Select and save the scene on the "Select Action" screen

4. After completing the settings, the scene will be executed if the conditions are met.



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