On the brand new Home View, you will find a new section on the upper right named "Lights".

If you have any of these products, Ceiling Light, LED Strip Light, or Color Bulb, you will be able to control them all at once.

If you are using Bot, Plug, or Plug Mini to control lights and you want to manage them altogether, we have also provided a workaround,

- Navigate to the Settings page of any of these products

- Change the Display Type to Light

- Go to Lights on Home View

You will then be able to find these products in Lights.



The "ALL ON" and "ALL OFF" only applies to products that have a explicit ON or OFF state. So these products won't receive the commands.
- light remote
- Bot, under Press mode or Custom mode


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  • Kurt Henrichs

    This sucks how do I turn my lights on and off?


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