Last Updated: 2024 Apr 2

  • Related Products: SwitchBot Hub 2
  • SwitchBot App Version: 8.2 or newer
  • Firmware Version: 2.0-1.2 or newer

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App is the latest version.

2. Make sure your Hub 2 has been added to the SwitchBot App and the infrared appliances have been added to the Hub 2.

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※ Only support IR remotes Learned by Hub 2 with Smart Matching and Select Manually

3. Please follow the below steps to operate offline control.

  • Open the SwitchBot App
  • Select the target IR Appliance
  • Tap the gear icon on the top right
  • Enable 'Offline Control in the settings  (it requires the latest firmware version)
  • Open the SwitchBot App again after upgrading
  • Check that the IR appliance is online and then enable 'Offline Control' again
  • IR appliance is downloaded locally

Please note:

If the firmware update fails, please log in to the SwitchBot App → Profile → Help and Feedback → Feedback.

The number of remotes that can be downloaded using the Offlline Control function depends on the storage capacity of the infrared remote control. Air conditioner remotes require relatively more storage and can support up to approximately 5 units, while TV remotes can accommodate around 100 units for download.
4. After the above settings, you can control the IR appliance from the SwitchBot App within Bluetooth range, even if the Hub 2 is offline. If you have any questions, please contact us via Feedback.





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