Updated: 2022.12.21

  • Applicable products:  SwitchBot Bot
  • SwitchBot app Version:  6.20.1 or newer
  • Device firmware version:  V6.4 or newer

Please kindly check the internet connectivity first, if everything is fine, please try to move your Hub Mini closer to the Bot to see if it helps.

1. Make sure your SwitchBot app version is up to date.
2. Make sure your device has been added to the SwitchBot App account and that the device firmware version is up to date.

3. If you are connecting to a Hub Mini or Ceiling Light, Make sure their firmware is also up to date, which is used to fix the connection errors. Please have it upgraded with your phone within Bluetooth range.

4. Make sure the remaining battery of the Bot is above 50%. The Bot may be out of battery and lose connectivity if haven't been used for 6 months. Please replace with a CR2 3V battery if the power is low.

5. In most cases, it will improve connectivity by placing Bot, Hub Mini and WiFi router in the same room. within a clear line of sight. Avoid building materials and metal objects between devices which may disctract the connection.

6. In SwitchBot app, please try to re-enable the Cloud Service for your Bot.

7. If it still doesn't work, follow the steps to reset Bot:

  1. Keep the Bot within your phone‘s Bluetooth range during upgrade. 
  2. Go to SwitchBot app homepage, swipe down to refresh.
  3. The firmware upgrade notice should appear as a little red arrow on all Bot devices paired to your SwitchBot app.
  4. Tap the Bot device you want to upgrade.
  5. In the sub menu, tap Firmware and Battery to upgrade.

Finally, in case the above steps should not assist, please don't be upset, feel free to let us know. We'll find the best solution for you.



  • maggiehand1

    How do I send a case to support!? I go in circles on your site. 

  • awong147

    Bot unresponsive. After reset firmware upgrade failed.


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