Updated: 2023.07.21

  • Applicable products:  SwitchBot Bot
  • SwitchBot app Version:  7.3 or newer
  • Device firmware version:  V6.4 or newer

When installing SwitchBot Bot with 3M adhesive, to reduce the risk of your device dropping in future, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Make sure your installation surface gives you enough space to place SwitchBot Bot comfortably.
2. Make sure the surface is flat, solid, clean, dry and free of any loose material.
3. If you're installing your device on wallpaper or cloth, make sure there is no patch, leafing, hollowing or bucking.
4. Make sure SwitchBot Bot is placed on a cool surface to prevent the 3M adhesive from decaying or aging. Keep away from sources of heat and fire like furnaces, stoves, ovens, air conditioners or other sources of heat in your room.
5. When pushing SwitchBot Bot against your installation surface, it's typically advised to wait at least 2 minutes before releasing to ensure it is attached correctly.
6. After installation, we recommend waiting for 24 hours before using your device.
7. If you need to purchase more 3M adhesive as a replacement, we offer a SwitchBot Accessory Add-on that can be purchased via Amazon, SwitchBot Official, or via our app.

8. If you have other issues regarding SwitchBot Bot, please feel free to submit feedback.

Send feedback
To receive technical help from our customer support team, follow these steps:
Open our app > tap Profile > press Feedback > select the product you need support for > describe your issue in detail and include the following:
1. A close-up photo of your installation position, including SwitchBot Bot and your switch/button.
2. Your switch/button brand, model, and online purchase link (If possible).



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