Last Updated: 2023 Oct 17
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  • Press and hold a blank screen on the iPhone screen
  • Select the + symbol in the upper left corner
  • Select SwitchBot in the widget settings
  • Select Meter/Meter Plus




1. If you do not enable the cloud service for the Meter/Meter Plus, the temperature and humidity data displayed in the widget will be the data at the time it is added and will not be updated forever.

2. Long press on the Meter/Meter Plus widget -> Edit Widget to change to other Meter/Meter Plus data and display it, but it is not possible to change to temperature and humidity of Outdoor Meter and Hub 2.

3. Please refer to Apple Support for detailed instructions on how to add widgets.

4. The temperature and humidity data in the Widget may not refresh if your smartphone sets to battery power saving mode.

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