Currently, the SwitchBot Bot can be set to either Press Mode or Switch Mode.



Now we have a beta firmware for the SwitchBot Bot v6.2, which can set the Bot to Customized Mode.

In the Customized Mode, we can apply more commands to the Bot.  Let's look into it.

On the setting page of the Customized Mode, there are three options:

Action treated as 'ON'

Action treated as 'OFF'

Clear current action

We should consider action 'ON' and 'OFF' as two individual buttons that can be applied with different commands. Clear current action will do the job as the name says, deleting all the commands set to 'ON' and 'OFF'.


Let's set them up.

Lark20210824-174726.jpg On the 'ON' action, we set the Bot to do the pressing repeatedly every 3 seconds, with no holding time for each press.
Lark20210824-174730.jpg On the 'OFF' action, we set the Bot to do the pressing 4 times. Each press will last for 3 seconds, with 1 second interval in between. 

Now the action 'ON' and 'OFF' have been applied with commands. On the homepage, we will see there are two buttons for the Bot. When we tap the button 'ON', the Bot will do the pressing repeatedly every 3 seconds, with no holding time. When we tap the button 'OFF', it will do the job accordingly.



These are two simple examples in setting the commands for the Bot in the beta firmware. With this accessibility, we can create more commands for the Bot to meet our requirement in daily life.


If you are interested, please contact to get the beta firmware upgrade.


Note: Under the beta version, the battery may drain much faster and the plastic arm may wear out much faster too. As a beta function, the delay timer between each action can be set up to an hour. There may be a minor time error, which becomes larger as the timer increases. Additionally, do not press the On/Off button before the series of delay actions are completed. Tap Clear current action to clear the actions if you want to resume active control. Additionally, if you find any incorrect layout or text on the beta firmware setting page, please contact and report it. We appreciate your effort.


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  • shiv bijlani

    How do I install the beta firmware?


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