Last Updated: 2023 Jul 26

  • Related Products:SwitchBot Bot, SwitchBot Hub Mini, SwitchBot Hub 2
  • SwitchBot App Version:7.3.2 or newer

1. Make sure your SwitchBot App version is up to date.

2. Make sure SwitchBot Bot and SwitchBot Hub Mini/Hub 2 have been added to your App and your device firmware version is up to date.

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3. Please enable the Cloud Service on the Bot settings screen.

  • Tap the Bot
  • Tap Cloud Service
  • Enable the Cloud Service(connect your Hub Mini/Hub 2 to enable its Cloud Service.)

*Note: Cloud services cannot be used when using "Nearby Bot."

4. Since the Bot communicates with the SwitchBot Hub series product via Bluetooth, please do not install it in a place far from the Hub series product.

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