Before adding your Humidifier in the IFTTT App, please check:

  • Your SwitchBot App and the IFTTT App are the latest versions.
  • Your SwitchBot Smart Humidifier has been added to your SwitchBot account.


  • Open the IFTTT App and tap Get more.
  • Tap Make your own Applets from scratch. (If you have not used this feature before, please slide this page down and find a section: Create your own)
  • Tap This.


  • Choose the service that you would like it to trigger your Humidifier, for example, SwitchBot Meter.
  • After setting the trigger, tap That.
  • Search SwitchBot and tap it.


  • Slide down the page and find Control Humidifier
  • Set up the Humidifier and mode that you would like to use in this applet.
  • You could tap Edit title to change the name of this applet. 
  • After all, tao Finish.

Now everything is done. Let the Humidifier works automatically!



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