Last Updated: 2023 Oct 24th

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Initial Preparation:


SwitchBot Contact Sensor

Hub Products: SwitchBot Hub 2, SwitchBot Hub Mini

Echo Dot/Echo Show


SwitchBot App

Amazon Alexa App

How to Set Up:

  • Add SwitchBot Contact Sensor and SwitchBot hub products to your SwitchBot App.
  • Open the SwitchBot App, then select "SwitchBot Contact Sensor". Click on the "Gear" symbol and activate the "Cloud Service".
  • Connect the SwitchBot App with the Amazon Alexa App.


  • Open the Amazon Alexa App, select "Devices", then click on the "+" symbol, and finally choose "Add Device" to add an Echo dot or an Echo show.
  • Open the Amazon Alexa App, select "More", then proceed to "Routines".
  • When this happens → Smart Home → Save the status of the Contact Sensor as "Open".
  • Add action → Alexa Says→ Customized → Save.

In this configuration, the Alexa Echo device will produce a sound when the SwitchBot Contact Sensor determines that the door is open.



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