For those of you wondering how SwitchBot Motion Sensor and SwitchBot Contact Sensor recognize motion, you can check a brief explanation below:
Recognizing motion detection.
When a user enters the detection area that was previously in a No Motion Detected state, motion sensor will recognize such motion. Any scene or automation that triggers Motion Detected will be triggered and executed immediately.
Recognizing no motion.
In order to prevent malfunctions, false alarms, and false detections, when a user leaves your device's detection area, your motion sensor will not immediately recognize No Motion Detected. When no moving object is detected for 30 seconds, your motion sensor will judge and recognize that no motion is detected. In short, in order to satisfy such a condition, it would be necessary to detect a moving object first and then stop detecting the moving object for a certain period of time. Any scene or automation that triggers this clause (No Motion Detected) will then be triggered.
For Example:
Motion sensor: No Motion Detected at 13:00:00
User: Entering the detection area recognized as No Motion Detected at 13:01:00
Motion sensor: Recognizes Motion Detected at 13:01:00
User: Leaving detection area at 13:05:00
Motion sensor: 13:05:30 recognizes No Motion Detected



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