Updated: Nov 17th, 2022

  • Applicable Products: SwitchBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1、
    SwitchBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 Plus
  • SwitchBot App Version: V6.19 or newer


1. If the room layouts are similar/hallways are very long, the main body of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will get lost.

2. When operating on the watery ground in the water-wiping mode, the main body of the robot vacuum cleaner slips or gets stuck, causing the constructed map to tilt and overlap.

3. If the main body of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not escape from the stuck position, the maps will easily overlap.


1. Rebuild the map.


2. Press the Clean button. When cleaning is complete, a map is automatically generated.


3. From the "Details" menu, go to "Map Management" to delete old maps and save new ones.


Recurrence prevention measure:

1. If you have rooms with similar layouts or long hallways, set up a small chest/heavy cardboard-like object on the floor and observe how the Robot Vacuum Cleaner gets lost or drives.

2. It is recommended to set up a no-entry area (or set up a virtual wall) in areas where it is easy to get caught.


3. Please avoid using the Robot Vacuum Cleaner on damp ground.




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