Adjust detection sensitivity

The motion detection of the SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam works by detecting the changes in surrounding IR radiation to detect the proximity of humans and pets through the PIR sensors.

There's an icon for "Motion Detection" on the settings page of the OSC. Once the option is enabled, the Cam will detect movement when the condition meets and push notifications to your phone.
If you did not get notified, please turn to the settings on your smartphone to enable permission for notifications. After that, you can immediately tap the Events section to check the captured screenshot when motion is detected. 
You can adjust the motion detection sensitivity as per the notifications' frequency. 
If you need human detection only, please enable the option of Human Detection.
Likewise, you may enable the Pet Detection button if you prefer pet detection only. 

About the recording method

Video recording can still work even if we disable motion detection. 

1. Micro SD cards are sold separately. You can tap the Events to check recordings and screenshots captured when motion is detected. 
2. Cloud storage is a value-added service. You may purchase it if you'd like. Please tap Cloud Videos for further details. 



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