Last Updated: 2024 Jun 6

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Battery Mode: In most of the time, the Outdoor Spotlight Camera sleeps and shuts down in battery mode. It will awake only when it detects a person or animal, and starts to detect motion and records. (A creature with sensitive temperatures, such as a person or animal, is required for the camera to be awoken.) 

Wired Mode: The Outdoor Spotlight Camera does not sleep or shut down. It is always running and motion detection will be triggered whenever a person or animal is captured.

The outdoor camera under Wired Mode is equivalent to the function of a SwitchBot Indoor Cam and the battery will drain fast. Besides, the Outdoor Spotlight Camera will automatically switch to battery mode when the remaining battery is less than 30%. Therefore, we recommend using the Wired Mode mode while charging.

Note: Outdoor Spotlight Camera 2K does not have a battery mode or wired mode.



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