Last updated: 2023.03.10

  • Applicable products: SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam
  • SwitchBot App version: 6.24 or newer
  • Device firmware version: V2.1.15 or newer

Outdoor Spotlight Battery life will last for months with normal use, but remember this is dependent on several factors.


For a longer battery, pay attention to the following points:

1. Make sure your SwitchBot app version is up to date.

2. Make sure the SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam is added to the SwitchBot App and the firmware version is up to date.
If it is not V2.1.15 or newer version, please log in to the SwitchBot app → Profile → Feedback, and submit a feedback ticket to ask for the latest firmware upgrade for the camera.

3. Make sure the camera is not set up in an extremely hot or cold position, as a highly dynamic temperature range can affect battery performance.

4. Avoid placing the camera under direct sunlight.

5. Try to improve the Wi-Fi signal between the camera devices and your Wi-Fi router, as weak/slow internet connectivity may cause the battery to drain faster.

6. Avoid placing the camera near any heat sources or regularly moving objects. Heat sources such as chimneys, outdoor units of a running air-conditioner, or regularly moving objects like wind chimes might trigger notifications constantly.

7. We do not recommend turning on the Motion Detection function when the camera is placed in a high-traffic area. Or we recommend only enabling the Motion Detection function in a remote region or where there there is a little human/animal traffic.

The above measures will extend battery life as notifications are reduced. 


To monitor your battery in SwitchBot app:

You can monitor the remaining power of your Outdoor Spotlight Cam in real-time in an upcoming update to the SwitchBot app, which is expected to be released within November 2022.


If you have other questions regarding the battery use, please submit a feedback.

Send feedback

To receive a technical help from SwitchBot support team, follow these steps: 

On your same device, Go to SwitchBot app > Tap Profile > Tap Feedback > Select the product (which you need support for) > Specify info to help describe your issue.



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