• Last Updated: Nov 25th, 2022
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SwitchBot Keypad Touch is currently able to configure up to 100 fingerprints.
There are three types of fingerprint settings to choose from. Permanent fingerprints, emergency fingerprints, and temporary fingerprints.
Permanent fingerprints, when set, have no time limit and will be available to use permanently.
Temporary fingerprints can be set to expire after any time between 1 hour and five years.
Emergency fingerprints can help send an emergency alert to someone via email when the SwitchBot Lick door lock is unlocked using your emergency fingerprint (SwitchBot Hub Mini required).
Please note: you can set up to 90 fingerprints at any one time a period of time with an additional 10 emergency fingerprints. In the event that the number of fingerprints set exceeds your maximum limit, current fingerprints must be deleted and a new fingerprint can then be set.
When it comes to children, their skin is very soft and the size of their fingerprint changes as they grow. As a result, there is currently no guarantee that the registered fingerprint will be authenticated.

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