1. Please check if there is a HomeKit label on the packaging or the product. If not, the product is not a HomeKit device.


2. Please check if the Apple device is under iOS 13 or iPadOS13 or a newer version. If not, please upgrade the apple device to the latest version and add the HomeKit device after that.


3. Please make sure the VPN or DSN service has been disabled before adding the HomeKit device.


4. Authorize HomeKit to SwitchBot.
Settings > Privacy > HomeKit > SwitchBot > Turn On


5. Turn on HomeKit Data before adding the HomeKit device.
Swttings > SwitchBot > HomeKit Data


6. The HomeKit device cannot connect to a 5GHz network. Please connect iPhone or iPad to a 2.4GHz network before adding the HomeKit device.


7. Please log in to the back-end system of the router and check if it is running any MAC filter or access control functions. If it is, please disable those functions as they will forbid you from connecting a HomeKit device. Please try to disable any MAC filter or access control functions on the router before adding the HomeKit device.


8. If the QR-Code on the HomeKit device is not working, please enter the HomeKit setup code manually. If it keeps sending the alert that the HomeKit setup code is incorrect or the QR-Code has been lost, please submit a feedback request on the profile page on the SwitchBot App. The support team will help you resolve this.



9. If we want to control the HomeKit device remotely, we need to purchase additional HomePod or Apple TV as Home Hub due to the constriction of Apple devices.



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