• We do not recommend connecting the SwitchBot Indoor Cam to a hotspot because the Indoor Cam will transfer the videos, voice, and screenshots via the Internet. It may cause more than 5 Gigabytes per day under HD monitoring.


Unlike the SwitchBot Hub MIni, whose network can be changed on the settings page. If we want to change the network of the Indoor Cam, we need to reset it and pair it again with the new network.


1. Reset the Indoor Cam ( My Indoor Cam was disconnected,how can I reset it? )

2. Connect the Indoor Cam again to the SwitchBot account.

3. When it is about the enter the network, use the updated one.




  • bjohn365

    Can I make my spotlight camera work on my 5ghz wi?

  • bjohn365

    My switch bot spotlights connects initially with a good clear image but soyons says failed to load and won’t connect to my wi fi 5ghz. How can I fix this. I don’t want to alter my router.


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