• We do not recommend connecting the SwitchBot Indoor Cam to a hotspot because the Indoor Cam will transfer the videos, voice, and screenshots via the Internet. It may cause more than 5 Gigabytes per day under HD monitoring.


There is a built-in microphone and speaker in the Indoor Cam. Thus, we can kind of use the Indoor Cam as a "walkie-talkie" to talk to the person or pet in front of the camera.


Talk Mode: One-Way

Tap on the mceclip0.png icon and hold it to talk. What we say will be broadcast by the Indoor Cam. Whoever stays in front of the Indoor Cam will be able to hear our words.



Talk Mode: Two-Way

Just tap on the mceclip1.png icon, we can simply turn the Indoor Cam into a phone. Then we can talk to the person or pet in front of the camera in real-time.



Noted: the sound quality may be affected by the environment. Choose one-way or two-way based on the actual situation.



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