• We do not recommend connecting the SwitchBot Indoor Cam to a hotspot because the Indoor Cam will transfer the videos, voice, and screenshots via the Internet. It may cause more than 5 Gigabytes per day under HD monitoring.


With the SwitchBot App, we can easily set up the night mode for the Indoor Cam.


  1. Open the SwitchBot app.
  2. Choose the Indoor Cam you added before.
  3. Tap Night Mode
Night Mode Off Night Mode On
night_mode_off.png night_mode_on.png



  1. You could Choose Auto, off, or On for the camera.
    Auto: The Indoor Cam will turn on the night mode automatically when it detects the environment is dark. 
    Off: The Indoor Cam will not turn on the night mode at any time.
    On: The Indoor Cam will turn on the night mode all the time.




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