Yes. Multiple SwitchBot Meters can be used on the same SwitchBot App, with the same account logged in.


In fact, a lot of customers use more than one Meter in a wide variety of ways.


There's no limit to the number of Meters you can pair with a single mobile device. Users can connect multiple Meters simultaneously on the same cellphone. Also, a single Meter can be paired to multiple cellphone at the same time.

However, if we want to use the Meters in conjunction with a SwitchBot Hub (Plus/Mini), the rules will be slightlt different. One SwitchBot Hub (Plus/Mini) can connect up to 120 Meters. If more Meters are going to be connected to the Hub (Plus/Mini), we should consider adding another Hub (Plus/Mini).
Also, we can have multiple Hubs on one account. They can be in the same location or they can be in separate locations.



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