Last Updated: 2024 Apr 18

  • Related Products: SwitchBot Hub 2, SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter Enabled
  • SwitchBot App Version: 8.2 or newer
  • Firmware Version: 2.0-1.2 or newer

1. You can upgrade the firmware by taping Hub2/Hub Mini Matter Enabled→gear icon→settings→Matter Configuration(Beta).

2. Here is supporting SwitchBot decives with Matter via Hub 2/Hub Mini Matter Enabled.

Device Matter supported or not Action
Curtain (supported in Firmware V4.6) Available fully open/fully close/ xx% open close
Curtain 3 Available fully open/fully close/ xx% open close
Blind Tilt Available fully open/close down or close up*
Temperature & Humidity (Hub 2) Available Temperature/Humidity*
Room Light (Hub 2) Under development  
IR remotes Learned by Hub 2 with Smart Matching and Select Manually and Others* Available

AC remote: cooling, heating, and on/off supported

Other remotes: on/off only

on & off button (Hub 2) Available Apple automation control*

Lock (supported in Firmware V5.8)

Lock Pro

Available Lock/Unlock
Bot (supported in Firmware V6.4) Available on/off*
Remote Available Apple automation control*
Meter, Meter Plus, Outdoor Meter Available Temperature/Humidity
Motion Sensor Available motion detected/motion not detected
Contact Sensor Available door is open/door is closed
Color Bulb Available on/off
LED Strip Light Available on/off
Plug Mini, Plug Mini Homekit Available on/off
Ceiling Light, Ceiling Light Pro Available on/off
Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ Available clean/recharge*
Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1, Robot Vacuum Cleaner S1 Plus Available clean/recharge*
Floor Cleaning Robot S10 Available clean/recharge*
Battery Circulator Fan Available on/off



1. In firmware version 2.0-1.2, SwitchBot Blind Tilt can now be set to either fully closed (down) or fully closed (up), instead of only fully closed (down). Once fully closed (up) is set, Apple Home will work in fully closed (up) mode.

2. The number of sub-devices that can be synced to Apple Home App via Hub 2 is 8 in total, including Hub 2's own temperature and humidity and 6 other devices. With firmware version 2.0-1.2, the Hub 2 temperature and humidity can be synced/deleted to the Apple Home App as a sub-device, if you don't need them, you can delete the temperature and humidity data and sync any eight other sub-devices instead.

3. With firmware version 2.0-1.2, the icon for SwitchBot Bot in Apple Home app has been changed from light to fan or outlet. You may need to delete the previously synced Bot from your Apple Home App and then re-sync it to change the icon.

4. The firmware version 2.0-1.2 now enables SwitchBot Remote button to control devices added in Apple Home. You need to register a SwitchBot scene to SwitchBot Remote using the SwitchBot App first and then set up Apple Automation. At this time, it is not possible to delete the scene that has been previously registered to the Remote. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the simultaneous triggering of SwitchBot scenes when using the Remote to control devices in Apple Home.

5. The firmware version 2.0-1.2 now enables on & off buttons of SwitchBot Hub 2 to control devices added in Apple Home. You also need to register a SwitchBot scene to on & off buttons using the SwitchBot App first and then set up Apple Automation. You can delete SwitchBot scenes that have already been registered to the on & off buttons in SwitchBot App later.

6. In Apple Home App, the robot vacuum cleaner appears as a switch, on = clean, off = recharge.

7. At present, infrared remotes registered using the "Others" method in the Apple Home app can only be used to turn remotes on and off.



  • Peiyu Li

    Great to know there will be Matter support for Remote via Hub2.

    I'm wondering how long the development will take? Will it be ready by the end of 2023?

  • jimigoldberg1996

    can I adjust the temp of the AC from the home app?

  • doodler_annulus0g

    When will there be matter support for the Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer ?


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