Curtain: U-Rail 2 Curtain jams up at opening of Curtains

Hi all,

I got a SwitchBot Curtain U-Rail 2 yesterday; installed it today.
As I live in Germany I have the common "GARDINIA GE2"-Curtain-Rod (see following picture; in fabric new state [exclusively changed the old one before installing SwitchBot to ensure proper rolling, etc.]).

Generally speaking SwitchBot Curtain seems to work fine; especially by closing the Curtain. But I discovered a litte Problem: By opening of the Curtains (1 Curtain; opening to the right; closing to the left) it seems to commonly happen that the actual Curtain "jams up" round about in the middle (or maybe after 1/3) which then causes Curtain U-Rail 2 to stopp of course.

Any suggestions to that particular problem anyone?
Wil it eventually help to have fewer or more actual rollers on the rail? (Actually I have a "half-set" of rollers; meaning 1 roller followed by empty (roller)-space and so one - pattern 1-0-1-0-1-, etc.)

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  • To provide a possible answer/solution to myself (in case someone is intrested): I just reduced the number of actual rollers on the rail to the pattern 1 roller followed by 3 empty (roller)-spaces; 1-3-1-3- etc.

    This seems to help so far!

    Best regards,