Switch Bot on a frequent timer????

I purchased the switchbot hoping that I can set this device to press a key on my keyboard every 20 minutes, to my disappointment there's no such feature.

Does anyone know if I buy the switchbot hub, will I then be able to set it to push a button every 20 minutes?





  • Hello Saleem, thank you for reaching out.

    Regarding your question, we can upgrade the Bot to a Beta firmware where we can set it to do the pressing repeatedly every 20 minutes. But we can only set it to do the pressing 10 times at most. If you are interested, please visit the article in the link below for further information.


    Besides, if we have a Hub Mini connected to our account, we can create countless schedules to activate the Bot based on time. In that way, we can have the Bot to press every 20 minutes.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact support@wondertechlabs.com.

    Best regards,

    SwitchBot Team

  • How is it today, 16 January 2024 ? I installed the latest current app and have switchbot bot firmware version 6.6 but still not see this feature. Am I missing something on how to find it ?