Heavy Curtains

I have a curtain that weighs about 32 lbs (14.5 kgs). Could 2 switchbot curtains be used to push a larger curtain? Either next to each other or one at the end and one in the middle of the curtain.


  • Hello Rob, thank you for showing great interest in the SwitchBot Curtain.

    Ideally, the maximum weight that a SwitchBot Curtain can carry is 8KG. If the curtain drape is overweight, it should have some influence. Additionally, the compatibility of the curtain rail and the SwitchBot Curtain can also affect its movement.

    If you have a curtain that weighs about 14.5KG, we are afraid that one SwitchBot Curtain cannot carry it. But if you want to use two SwitchBot Curtains to carry the heavy drape, we don't recommend you to do that actually because the SwitchBot Curtain is not designed to use in such situation, and there are too many factors that will cause it to fail.

    Hope you can kindly understand.


  • If it's the rod type curtain, you can sew a tether string between the folds (on the window side so it doesn't look bad). This is to keep the metal grommets at or close to 90 degrees to the rod. When the curtain stretches out and the metal grommets are diagonal to the rod there is greater friction which causes the bot to work that much harder.