SwitchBot Meter use... in car

Concept - Track Temperature/Humidity in my car.

Live in an apartment building - 3rd floor. Parking lot is behind the building, with direct line of sight from apartment's bedroom.

Would like the meter in the vehicle to be able to get its data into the cloud. My gut feeling is that by having a Hub-Mini in the window won't give me the connectivity I need. Do I need a hub instead? And... does this product exist? Or, is there some kind of manual effort I would need to do (on some regular basis) to be able to access historical/live data while the car is "within range"?

Kinda stumped on how to pull this off... or is it possible at all?



  • Hello Michael, thank you for reaching out.

    We have to say, that is a creative idea to read the temperature and humidity of your inside car from your apartment. However, we are afraid that that might not work, as it is too far away between the Hub Mini and the Meter.

    Also, the Hub is the oldest version of the Hub and it is offline now. The Hub Mini is the one we have on our website. 

    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact support@wondertechlabs.com.

    SwitchBot Team

  • Here's a follow-up...

    I posted this on Friday. Later that Friday evening I had errands to run, and when I got into the car, I thought I should check to see if Meter recorded data. I started-up the Android app. Sure enough, the data was all there. When I was done with my errands, I parked my car back into the same parking space I've had for the past few days.

    On Saturday, I had no need to go out. I went into the app and found that the data for the car was current!

    I checked again on Sunday afternoon and it's still current.

    I have no idea how it works. I guess I'm just thankful it does.  I thought maybe it was because I was using the app when being in the room that overlooks the car. But then later, when using the SwitchBot Skill in Amazon Echo, Alexa responds with the current temperature reading (before it would respond with "the device is not responding...").

  • Hello Michael,

    First of all, we feel happy that the Meter is currently working in your situation. It might be the fact that the Hub Mini can scan the Meter in your car under a specific condition, like whether is good, or the distance is just about right, etc.

    But anyway, we are glad that it can work for you.

    If you have any other questions while using our product, you are welcome to contact support@wondertechlabs.com.

    SwitchBot Team