Keep Switchbot Arm fully extended at all times


I need to do a reverse press - so the bot's arm will be extended, keeping a button pressed, until I activate the bot and the bot will lift the arm, releasing the button.

It almost does it in "reverse switch mode" but it doesn't keep the arm fully extended, it fully extends and then comes back to only half way which means my button is not pressed down fully.

I've tried supergluing little bits of wood to the arm but the angle doesn't work.

Any ideas would be welcome.



  • Hi Ben, thank you for reaching out.

    The function you mentioned, to keep the Bot pressing down until we send out a command to it to retreat the arm is not available currently.

    The SwitchBot Bot currently has two modes to select, one is press mode and the other is switch mode. The "reverse switch mode" you mentioned is the switch mode, which is supposed to use on a seesaw kind of switch panel to turn on and off. The arm will be coming back a little bit when it has finished the press action. This means it has successfully touched the switch panel to turn it on or off.

    For now, we can set the Bot to keep the press for 60 seconds at most, and we can set it up on the settings page.

    As for your suggestion, it is not available. But we would like to note down your suggestion and forward it to our developers. Hopefully in the future upgrade, it will be available for the Bot.

    If you have further questions, feel free to contact

    SwitchBot Team 

  • Adding this functionality would allow you to use the Switchbot as a pet door lock (I would be happy to create a howto Youtube video for this application if this feature were added).